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Tribulation (Part 1) -The Seals are Opened

April 22, 2018 Speaker: Damian Mericka Series: Revelation Text

Topic: Tribulation (Part 1) -The Seals are Opened

Message outline

Title: Tribulation (Part 1) -The Seals are Opened

Series: Revelation

Text: Revelation 6-8:1

Main Idea: God’s Kingdom is Coming; His Will is Being Done


I. Six Seals are Broken (Revelation 6)

§  Seal 1: White Horse bringing false peace (Vv.1-2)

o   Lawless One

§  2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

§  Daniel 9: 20-27

§  Seal 2: Red Horse bringing war (Vv.3-4)

o   Daniel 11: 36-39

o   Matthew 24: 6-7

§  Seal 3: Black Horse bringing famine (Vv.5-6)

§  Seal 4: Pale Horse bringing death (Vv.7-8)

§  Seal 5: Martyred Remnant (Vv.9-11)

§  Seal 6: Anarchy (Vv.12-17)

II. Tribulation Saints (Revelation 7)

·         God Seals His own (Vv.1-3)

·         Those redeemed through the Tribulation

o   Jewish- 144k (12 of each Tribe) (Vv. 4-8)

o   Gentile- A multitude beyond Number (Vv.9-17)

III. Seventh Seal is Broken (Revelation 8:1)

·         When Heaven is silent

Going deeper questions (Small Group)

·         What stood out to you about this message and why?

·         Looking at the Four Horsemen, which one stands out to you and why? 

·         Considering that all pieces are led into place before the events of Revelation 6- 8 unfold, how possible is it that we are presently a part of the generation that will see this happen (verbally sketch your view)? Does this inspire you to know and live for God with greater intimacy?

·         Do these chapters show a God who is in our outside of control over human history? If in control, does His Sovereignty give you confidence to tell people about His coming judgment?